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Model: bc12

Power cord length: 3 meters

Number of holes: 4

Rated current: 10A

Rated voltage: 110 ~ 250V

Ambient temperature: -20 to 70 (℃)

Shell material: ABS

Conductor material: pure copper

Power cord: 3C certification

Size: Height 16cm Base diameter 15.6cm Diagonal 11.6cm

Rated power: 3500W

Scope of application: Household, office and most of the electricity equipment on the market

Power cord Copper: 1 square mm

Net weight: 0.56 (kg)

Custom processing: Yes 

Color: red, blue, orange, purple, gray

Specification: China Red 1 layer 3 jack + 2USB, police blue 1 layer 3 jack + 2USB, commercial ash 1 layer 3 jack + 2USB, noble purple 1 layer 3 jack + 2USB, vitality orange 1 layer 3 jack + 2USB

Protection: Lightning Overload Protection USB 2.1A

Internal circuit: 1 square copper wire 



The Company is committed to producing all-in-one vertical Rubik's cube socket, ordinary models [no USB], smart standard models [2USB or 4USB], the number of USB jacks can be customized, but also custom foreign trade million.

This product uses phosphor bronze contacts [better contact, longer life, plug and pull 50000 times deformation] Taiwan imported ABS primary raw materials to ensure the quality of the shell material. Built-in flame-retardant ABS material [long-lasting appearance does not change color, built-in security fire]. With overload protection [to ensure electricity and electricity equipment safety]. Rotating the base [can be accommodated 3 m power cord, to ensure that the power cord is not longer messy]. Integrated design [to avoid unnecessary security risks]. Large purchases can enjoy unexpected offers, and support a large number of foreign trade orders. 



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